Media Abuse, the Donald and the ‘social graph’

It’s truly rich to run across the claim by Mr. Sean Parker that he, “was abused and maligned by the media, largely by the internet media.” I won’t be catching his recent media abuse in the movie “Social Network,” where he is played by an actual media darling, Justin Timberlake. Parker’s claim is that he. “had[his] identity commandeered by the blogosphere and Twitter and Facbeook.” However, he apparently won’t be suing any time soon. This sounds a little …

bit like Donald Trump complaining that he was called a “thousandaire.”

Mr. Parker’s online personna is not what I would call consistent across the Internet. He identifies himself as “a” founder at both Napster and Facebook. The Wiki claims, “Contrary to popular belief, Parker was not a co-founder of Napster, as depicted in the movie The Social Network and post-Napster news articles, but rather an early employee as detailed in contemporary literature.”

They do confirm that “In 2004, Parker began informally advising the creators of Facebook, and became its first president, receiving 7% of Facebook’s stock when the company incorporated later that year.” However, the Wiki claims Parker got busted on cocaine charges and, “Facebook’s biggest investor, Jim Breyer of Accel Partners, pushed for the ouster.”

Over at VentureBeat, they claim that it was, “his cheekiness drew anger from the recording labels, which eventually shut down Napster with lawsuits.” Cheeky or not, Mr. Parker represents a part of the wild west Internet that may be making a comeback.

“After Napster, Parker co-founded Plaxo, a site that updates contacts. Soon, Parker was in peoples’ faces again. Some accused Plaxo of spamming, because of its constant update requests. During the post-bubble downturn, Parker got pushed out by Sequoia Capital and Ram Shriram, and there’s been silence over the real reasons ever since.”

I think Parker could be the next Internet super hero, but I wish he’d let his connection to Plaxo fade into the sunset, and drop the word abuse from his heartaches. Just saying Plaxo sounds medicinal.. I knew guys who were pimping that hustle ten years ago, and it looked snarky then. I hope Parker and company realize that you can’t push that sort of intrusion to the people any longer. It’s like a guy smoking a ten cent cigar, looking for a twenty dollar conversation.

Online communities that are using the Internet for commerce, will kill your business, if you don’t meet their ideas for a relationship. SPAM is more evil now than ever before, in all its renderings. It’s key to respect your community and put a face on your business. This is the ‘Age of the Literary’ and people are willing to talk but they aren’t going to accept the grifting that’s been going on. Just ask your pals at FB.

I hope that the Sand Hill crowd isn’t so addicted to the FB models that they forget to find some funds for more innovative Internet startups, but these guys seem pretty good at picking the next whales: Parker also came up with much of what we see as the Facebook News Feed, and he believes that format is the future of communication on the Web. “The social graph,” he says, referring to the connection people have with others through multiple degrees, “is the critical ingredient.”

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But everyone who thought that consoldiation was imminent, and the markets would slow down, jobs would dry up, well they continue to miss the mark on the technology sector. Many believed that business would dry up and bury the eonomy, and end jobs. They didn’t really take into consideration that there just might be a few new Rock Star moguls who will want to move this economy the way it moved in ’98.

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