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Internet Advertising: Paid Search Ads Don’t Always Pay Off, Study Finds

Businesses spend billions to reach customers through online advertising but just how effective are paid search ads? Using data from eBay, economist Steven Tadelis at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business compared whether consumers are more likely to click on paid ads than on free, generic search results and found that advertisers may not be […]

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2013 Q1 Internet World Statistics

From our friends at Internet Gender Divide Currently there are 2,749 million estimated internet users in the world. Although this statistic shows a promising upward growth, there is a digital gap between men and women in regards to internet adoption. This disparity is more pronounced in less developed countries. In the developing world, men […]

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Best Business-to-Business Facts About Social Media Use

In Stowe Boyd’s interesting post on social media boundaries titled, “In Texas, You’re On Your Own” he lists a few truisms that resonate with a once-upon-a-time Texan who misses many parts of the state’s unique brand of togetherness: First, for employers: You shouldn’t fire employees who are expressing lawful opinions that you do not agree […]

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SEO update for the week of 6/4

In short, Search Engine Optimization works by tweaking a website so that it is compliant with the requirements of search engines like Google. These search engines use what they call “web spiders” (also known as web crawlers) these web spiders or web crawlers are pieces of software that “crawl” all over the web pages, reading […]

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Accenture Technology Vision 2012 From Our Point of View

In Accenture Technology Vision 2012, the opening summary reinforces what we saw from many of the technology leaders at our recent shows. The video interviews were recorded for you at over the last couple of weeks. That Accenture chose to use the word “revolution” for what we witnessed at Cloud Connect 2012 in Santa […]

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Cloud Connect 2012 Video Interviews From

We just completed our first video interviews for your viewing pleasure at and we’ll be adding more daily. Tune in and here from Gordon Haff from Red Hat software and from attendees who shared their views of the show. We’d love to get your feedback and help us at this nexus for the bottom […]

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IT Community Has The Power To Lead Internet Integrity And Restore The Elegance Of Permission Communications

Permission marketing, an idea that came and went with the surge of IPO’s in the late nineties, and the lust for crust that followed, may have been the biggest loss to the free market economy and the advance of the Internet. In the beginning, circa ’95 or so, the idea that you could sign up […]

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Apple Ecosystems Dictate Future Of The Enterprise

Just when you thought it was safe to invest in desktop enterprise innovation, along comes Apple and blows the cover off the ball. Apple’s amazing sales quarter registered $46.3 billion in sales, on the Richter scale of all things digital – the best quarterly sales for any technology company in history. That’s up 73% from […]

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Obama Administration And Political Internet Decisions

The goal of this piece is to winnow out how politics today affects our industry, our jobs, and the future growth of the Internet world. We are well aware that things like Net Neutrality and the way power is allocated to different industries affects those downstream. Much of this is affected by local governments, state […]

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Web Design Dictates Marketing Success

Every time I sit next to some upstart CEO or marketing expert from a business web based company, we talk about marketing and the media and how to lower sales costs and the cost of getting a customer.  When I explain to them that it depends on how much “anti-marketing” you are doing?  I usually […]

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