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Set-Top Wars, Web 3.0 and Farewell Mr. Jobs

The passing of Steve Jobs is sad at so many levels but he will never be far from anyone’s mind around the technology world. It has been said, his DNA has been shared with all who strive for excellence. He performed and expected others to do the same. Steve was to technology as Louis Leaky […]

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UI: The Ultimate Muscle

I haven’t checked today, but, are we still living in the era of Web 2.0 or have we moved on? Has social networking been the paradigm shift we thought it was? I say that because, far as I can tell, the stuff I’m seeing on the Internet – 90% of it – hasn’t changed much […]

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Hacking Accusations: Myth Or Political Expedience?

On July 19, DigiNotar detected an intrusion into its Certificate Authority infrastructure that resulted in the fraudulent issuance of public key certificate requests for a number of domains, including  The fraudulent Web security certificates issued by hacked DigiNotar, allowing the hackers access to the data and passwords of Google sites, had not only hit […]

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Looking Forward: The Great American Red Herring

Each time a new administration is installed in Washington, the idea of subjecting the previous administration to any sort of legal scrutiny gets pushed aside in lieu of more pressing demands. While the newly installed administration may have been castigating the previous administration, for years, it’s all chalked up to yesterday’s news. Bygones are cast […]

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The U.S. Revolution Will Be Postponed Due To Apathy

Europeans have always been more outspoken about government and social issues than U.S. citizens. Every time I’ve traveled abroad, I hear how lazy we are when it comes to knowing what’s going on around us. For whatever reason, European intellectuals always seem to get off quizzing us on what’s going on right under our own […]

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Security In the Golden Age Of The Internet

The political spectrum, we learned in civics lessons in high school, is actually a cyclical format that renders the furthest of the right, most closely to the furthest of the left. In 2011 that may be a bit hard to sustain in an argument, but the principal of belief systems cycling is rather empirical. Today […]

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Google+: A “social” assault on Facebook & Twitter

It’s no secret that Google wants to be social. It attempted at doing so numerous times already. First came orkut which failed to catch on here in the US, then came Google Buzz which didn’t seem to catch on anywhere. Then came the short-lived Google Wave, which was the biggest disaster of them all. But […]

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Our iMan 2011!

The recent image of Steve Jobs and his wife floored us- the only picture we’ve ever seen where he wasn’t the dominate figure. Good for them for maintaining their grace and getting some privacy. But we should remember Laurene Powell Jobs since our goal has been to try understand what makes Stevie run, and grab […]

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Hacker’s Revenge, Or Failure Of Our Educational Systems?

The folks at Lulzsec have announced their retirement. Apparently, school was starting soon and the majority of them wanted to get a head start on Junior year. They also wanted to leverage their skill set when applying to college. It’s a bit easier to get admitted to tops schools, evidently, if you’re not in lockup. […]

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Is Apple’s Pre-emptive Censor Anti Customer?

Back in 2006, researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology completed a prototype device that blocks digital-camera functions, both video and stills, in a given area. The prototype, produced by a team in the Interactive and Intelligent Computing division of the Georgia Tech College of Computing (COC), uses off-the-shelf equipment – camera-mounted sensors, lighting equipment, […]

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