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Best Business-to-Business Facts About Social Media Use

In Stowe Boyd’s interesting post on social media boundaries titled, “In Texas, You’re On Your Own” he lists a few truisms that resonate with a once-upon-a-time Texan who misses many parts of the state’s unique brand of togetherness: First, for employers: You shouldn’t fire employees who are expressing lawful opinions that you do not agree […]

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Linking And Proper Citations Not Only A Publisher’s Responsibility: Must Audiences Participate?

David Weinberger, author, philosopher and thinker, brings back for discussion the idea of “linking” in today’s Internet driven economy and why some sites are reluctant to follow the conventions many of us find correct.  He questions Wall Street Journal’s ethic of very few links resulting from, “WSJ believes its value — as well as its […]

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Obama Administration And Political Internet Decisions

The goal of this piece is to winnow out how politics today affects our industry, our jobs, and the future growth of the Internet world. We are well aware that things like Net Neutrality and the way power is allocated to different industries affects those downstream. Much of this is affected by local governments, state […]

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