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Best Business-to-Business Facts About Social Media Use

In Stowe Boyd’s interesting post on social media boundaries titled, “In Texas, You’re On Your Own” he lists a few truisms that resonate with a once-upon-a-time Texan who misses many parts of the state’s unique brand of togetherness: First, for employers: You shouldn’t fire employees who are expressing lawful opinions that you do not agree […]

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The Bloody Edge Of Print Media: For Every Dollar Spent On Digital Ads, In 2011, Ten Dollars Lost On Print Ads

For whatever reason, the print industry refuses to listen to the facts around the revenue models they cling to or to modify the futile efforts they fail to execute profitably. According to the recently released 9th edition of the Pew Report on the state of advertising, “In 2011, losses in print advertising dollars outpaced gains […]

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Accenture Technology Vision 2012 From Our Point of View

In Accenture Technology Vision 2012, the opening summary reinforces what we saw from many of the technology leaders at our recent shows. The video interviews were recorded for you at www.nethawk.tv over the last couple of weeks. That Accenture chose to use the word “revolution” for what we witnessed at Cloud Connect 2012 in Santa […]

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Social Network Checklist For Big Technology: branding vs lead generation redux

Define Your Lead Generation Domain The consumer hordes flocking to the social networks have created a meaningful subsidy to the advertising industry.  Our poor print friends, and TV and radio friends, are suffering the last few years, but Internet 2.0 is living up to the hype by providing new global eyeballs with lots of crossover […]

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